What Does This All Mean? - Seminar

Join us for an incredible seminar with Pastor Louis Torres. Pastor Torres is a theologian, author and international speaker. He will present easy to understand biblical topics that will amaze you. 

Watch online here

Location: 40 Kissing Point Road, Oatlands NSW 2217 Metro Sydney

Opening date: 3 April 2020 and then every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday night until 2 May.

Time: 7:15pm 

Free children's program. 

Some of the topics include:

1. Prophecy - Heaven's Alarm System

2. Revelation Reveals Death's Secret

3. Revelations’ Answer to Human Suffering

4. Who is the Antichrist?

5. The World Order - One World Government

Astrophysicist Steven Hawking says that our only hope is to distribute mankind to other planets so that not one catastrophic event will destroy all of the human race at once. The scientific world knows planet Earth is in trouble. The Bible predicted not only the end of the earth as we know it but also the only way of escape. We invite you to find out what that way is. This is a free seminar for everyone.


03 Apr 2020, 7:15pm AEDT


40 Kissing Point Road
Oatlands NSW 2217 Metro Sydney